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Keep the curriculum that works best for your 3rd – 12th grade learner. Whether it’s an online school or a homeschool program, we support your curriculum choice!

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Locations in Manchester and Dover!

In-person learning centers for online school learners and homeschoolers

At KaiPod Learning Centers, 8-10 online learners or homeschoolers come together in-person to work on their coursework and collaborate with their peers — all supported by a KaiPod Coach.

Eligible students’ participation in the program will be prioritized as follows:

  • Priority 1: Students with a documented disability and students from families earning less than 250% of the federal poverty can participate in the summer enrichment program on a first-come, first-served basis until 75% of the program allocation ($1.5 million) is drawn down or 30 days after the application period, whichever comes first
  • Priority 2: At that point, students from families earning less than 400% of the federal poverty are also eligible on a first-come, first-served basis until the entire program allocation is drawn down
  • Priority 3: Additional GEER funds allocations will be sought if demand for the program is strong

In partnership with districts and communities, Prenda will utilize grant funds on a per-pupil basis to serve Learning Pod enrolled students. 

During this time, the student will remain enrolled at their district school for purposes of adequacy determination. The Department will provide payment directly to Prenda for the provision of District and Community Learning Pod programming based on the number of enrolled students on the payment date. 



We support your learner and you…

Students can initiate and nurture friendships that last a lifetime.

Socialization and Community

Expert Learning Coaches

Tailored Enrichment Activities

Led by highly qualified Kaipod Coaches, who are former teachers that love working one-on-one with students

Every enrichment activity is designed to deepen student interests and promote collaboration

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Learning Center

A professional learning environment that cultivates socialization

In partnership with the Connecting Bright Futures Program  •  FREE to NH families

With centers in Manchester and Dover, choose which is most convenient for your family. We’re open from 8am – 3:30pm.

At your KaiPod Learning Center, students are able to get academic support, participate in enrichment activities, and socialize with their peers.

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